CreateWorks: Engineers inspired by Theatre; Theatre inspired by Engineers

Over the last year, the School of Engineering and Braw Fox Theatre have been working together to explore the ways in which theatre can make scientific research more accessible and engaging to the public.

Engineering and Theatre might feel like radically different ways of figuring out our world and our place in it, but behind every complex idea is a gripping human story waiting to be told and every person contains within themselves the tools to tell that story well.

The CreateWorks project has led Writing for Performance workshops to enable participant engineers to create their own short audio dramas and Skills workshops that used theatre techniques to improve participant’s public speaking, physicality, confidence, and engagement skills. Our participants’ finished audio dramas have now been professionally recorded and will be made publicly available through this website from June 21st 2021.

This project has been generously supported by funding from the Royal Academy of Engineering’s Ingenious Award, which supports creative public engagement with engineering projects while providing engineers with skills and opportunities to share their stories, passion and expertise with the public.



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